Only the small secrets need to be protected.

The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.

- Pao Tongson


Steve Evans could not have been in the, second tower.

He made his first, 'eyewitness,' report to BBC

when the second tower was allegedly 'hit.'

I suddenly saw a plane flying into my viewfinder and said,

Gee its kinda close for that to be here now,

and then realized what happened.


The alleged plane entered his viewfinder

an instant before the 'hit' and explosion.

Fairbanks had no time to say anything.

The shot was setup.

Fairbanks' camera was trained on the South Tower

for 11 seconds.

This was an intentional deception.

Watch the 'hit' one frame at a time,

the 'plane' disappears into the 'building,'

without deforming the 'plane' or 'building.'

Viewed one frame at a time reveals the video

to be a fabrication, and not a 'live' recording

from Fairbanks' camera.

You cannot prove a lie.

You're suggesting that there's some kind of

cartoon animation there.

You're suggesting that

the news media was a part of this.

Yes I am.

Professor Reynolds further states:

The two American Airliners flights

for an example though

were not even in

the Bureau of Transportation Statistics database.

Meaning no flight plans were filed.

Meaning they did not fly on 9/11.

Professor Reynolds was interrupted with the question,

Where do you think they are now?

If they did not end up in the Trade Centre?

Changing the focus of attention away from the fact that

AA flights 11 and 77 did not fly that day.

The question should have been,

'How did you gain access

to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics database?'

Why was the media not interested in checking?

Why didn't the '9/11Truthers' ask Reynolds?

The alleged second hit,

as we have seen,

is a computer animation.

There's an enormuos search and rescue

operation being mounted here

for what is clearly going to be grim work...

...They're waiting to go in...


Blakemore's report was at approximately 3:45.

Sutav stated that he shot his video, an hour ago, not even.

Sutav was on air at approximately 4:06.

Meaning he stopped filming at approximately 3:10.

35 minutes before Blakemore gave his report.

Blakemore's report is fictious.

There was no search and rescue operation being planned.

As Sutav stated, There's nothing they could do..

The video is clear evidence that the media was involved

in deceiving viewers as to the true events of 9/11.

video source ABC News 3:28pm - 4:09pm.

What about the eye witness reports

sighting the alleged planes?

AA flight 11, the alleged first hit, did not fly that day.

All eyewitnesses reporting seeing the alleged first hit,

are lying.

We have seen BBC's Steve Evans

and ABC's Evan Fairbanks

were lying eye witness,

View other lying 'eyewitnesses,'

USA Today's Mike Walter on CNN

and Aziz El Hallan on Fox News,


Kevin Sutav's video/interview on Jennings' newscast

is evidence that fireman were not,

waiting to go in.

It also destroys the theory

that the buildings collapsed

into their own footprint.

A 110 story building cannot collapse

into its own footprint

and leave the facade of its lobby

still standing.

south_tower_remnant.jpg has all network feeds

divided into 41 minute segments. this link, ABC's Peter Jennings' broadcast

beginning at 4:09.

...scroll down the page previous or next does't want you to download

...up to you. is a nonprofit established for the public good.

Withholding public access to the network feeds

entrenches with the 9/11 conspirators.

...Consciously...Actively...9/11 conspirators.

The 9/11 attack was staged with the assistance of,

the Bush administration,

the intelligence community

and the media.

The Nuremberg Trials established the precedent that,

war crimes cannot be committed

without the knowledge of the,

'higher ups.'

Nazis were tried, convicted and executed

under this principle.

George Bush - President

Dick Cheney - Vice President.

Colin Powell - Secretary of State.

Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defence.

George Tenet - Director of the CIA.

Lieutenant General Michael V. Hayden

- Director of NSA.

John Ashcroft - Attorney General

Robert Mueller - appointed Director of the FBI

on September 4, week before 9/11.

President Trump recently stated that he thought,

'It would take a major event to unite the people.'

He was not simply referring to Republicans.

Unite the people were his words.

If President Trump fails to pursue the 9/11 conspirators,

he will have failed to unite the people.

Americans would be united,

in pursing and capturing,

the 9/11 conspirators.